Masterstudium in Medien und Kommunikation

Masterstudium in Medien und Kommunikation

Du stellst dir Fragen zum Medienkonsum und zur Wirkung von Massenmedien in der Gesellschaft? Du interessierst dich für die Funktionsweise von politischer Kommunikation? Storytelling und Content sind deine Steckenpferde? Dann ist ein Master in Kommunikation und Medien für dich genau das Richtige. Im Fokus des Fachbereichs steht die wissenschaftliche Erforschung von öffentlicher Kommunikation und Medien. Dozent:innen nehmen im Bereich Kommunikationswissenschaften und Medienwissenschaften jeden Kommunikationskanal unter die Lupe. Es geht in diesem Fachbereich um die Analyse menschlicher Kommunikation in sämtlichen Formen. Studiengänge im Bereich Journalismus oder Public Relations sind anwendungsbezogener. Sie beschäftigen sich in Praxismodulen mit Themen wie kreativem Schreiben, Kampagnenerstellung, Social Media Marketing oder interner und externer Unternehmenskommunikation.


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Universität:RMIT University
Dauer:4 Semesters
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:71.040 AUD
Kurzbeschreibung:Graduates of RMIT’s animation, games, interactive media and multimedia programs are equipped with practical and theory-based knowledge, and have extensive professional networks to take their skills anywhere in the world.
RMIT boasts brand new animation and games design studios, and a dedicated postgraduate study space. RMIT’s media precinct is also home to industry-standard technology and sustainable studios.
Studying at RMIT allows you to network with fellow creatives and collaborators, and access industry events and opportunities. Students work alongside ACMI X, exhibit their work at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, and have opportunities to collaborate with academic staff, industry practitioners, and RMIT research centres.
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Additional Content:Artikel: Student talent shines in animation, games and interactivity showcase
CRICOS Code:084348K
Universität:University of Auckland
Dauer:3 Semesters
Forschungsanteil:Yes, Research option available
Fachfremd möglich:

Depending on subject

Kosten:60.000 NZD Tuition costs

Postgraduate Scholarships


The MA offers you a range of choices. There are research and taught degrees, one-year or 18-month options depending on your entry qualification, and more than 35 subjects for study. Your academic background may enable you to study a subject different to that of your previous specialisation.
The research masters gives you an exciting opportunity to contribute to the knowledge in your field by completing a substantial research project under the supervision of some of New Zealand’s leading scholars.
In a taught masters you can deepen your knowledge in small classes, enjoy close interaction with academic staff, and complete a smaller research project.


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Weitere Infos:Graduate Careers
Universität:Bond University
Dauer:3 semesters (1 year) or 4 semesters (1 years, 4 months)
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:53.760 AUD

Whether you desire to work in business, government, or a not-for-profit organisation, advanced and strategic communication skills will take you all the way from the interview to the boardroom.
Communication is key to every section of every organisation. With knowledge and skills in strategic communication, you can help organisations craft visions for engaging their target audiences, manage internal change, deal with crises, form helpful relationships with clients and stakeholders, and produce clear, persuasive messages across a range of traditional and digital media.
Bond’s Master of Communication will take your skills to the next level, bring you up-to-date on the risks and opportunities of new and emerging media, and future-proof your career with the ability to adapt to work situations that have yet to be imagined.
The dynamic learning experience of the Master of Communication combines face-to-face, small group classes in disciplines such as public relations, advertising, social media, and organisational communication with a research project (large or small) of your own choosing.

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CRICOS Code:078660G
Dauer:2 Years
Fachfremd möglich:No
Kosten:57,840 AUD (total)

Informed by global research and best practice in a range of topics including social media, cultural and media studies, global communication and strategic communication, this degree will extend your personal development and professional expertise, allowing you to apply it to a range of industries and disciplines.
This course is designed for communication professionals wanting to develop their existing knowledge and skills, and those new to communications wanting to explore a different career direction or study path.

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Scholarships:20% for the duration of the course
CRICOS Code:096751M

Universität:Queensland University of Technology
Dauer:1,5 or 2 Years
Fachfremd möglich:Yes. Any Bachelor course may qualify entry, or equivalent prior learning including at least five years relevant professional experience.
Kosten:60,600 AUD (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

Study at Australia’s #1 school for communication and media studies (2020 QS World University rankings) and learn new skills including social media storytelling, data analytics for communication, artificial intelligence and data visualisation. Our cross-disciplinary approach with collaboration across a range of fields will deepen your expertise in areas such as data analytics, law and policy studies, management and marketing.

The course is organised with an emphasis on authentic real-world learning that prepares you to address a range of global and international challenging communication scenarios. The Master of Digital Communication leads to exciting and creative media and communication roles in a range of industry sectors with globally transferable skills enabling employment anywhere across the globe.

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Zusatz:Youtube Video
Scholarships:International Merit Scholarship
CRICOS Code:099302A
Universität:Macquarie University
Campus:Sydney, North Ryde
Dauer:2 years
Fachfremd möglich:Yes
Kosten:34.800 AUD (minus 10.000 AUD if European) per year
Stipendien:Early acceptance scholarship
Kurzbeschreibung:Key features
•    Access our state-of-the-art high-tech digital newsroom
•    Develop a deep understanding of convergent media and learn how to apply it in a digital networked environment.
•    Develop your own portfolio of practical work to show employers
•    Build a portfolio of work, including articles, multimedia reports, podcasts, social media campaigns, videos, and websites.
•    Study media content production and ethical practice
•    Source information, conduct interviews and write for a range of genres and formats, including audio, broadcast, online and print.
•    Gain cross-media and intercultural storytelling abilities
•    Gain the technological skills required for professional engagement in the global media and communications industries.
Additional Content:Youtube Video: Discover media, music, communication and cultural studies at Macquarie
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University of Otago Logo
Dauer:2 years (4 semesters)
Fachfremd möglich:Yes
Kosten:78,754 NZD
Stipendien:International Student Scholarships

Inspire and empower meaningful action through a Master of Science Communication at Otago

Otago provides a stunning natural science environment. Sea, harbour, and forested hills are home to an abundance of marine and birdlife, including seals, penguins, and albatrosses.

Within a UNESCO City of Literature, Otago’s Department of Science Communication is renowned as the home of story-telling and science.

Otago’s world-class, flexible qualification allows you to pursue a meaningful career aligned with your interests to effect positive change.

Whether you want to focus on filmmaking, journalism, non-fiction, education, or a combination of media, a world of adventure and opportunity awaits.

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Universität:University of Queensland
Dauer:1 year
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:35.120 AUD annual fee
Stipendien:General Scholarships

Gain the skills to build a rewarding career in print or online.
In a rapidly changing world, the digitisation of the modern economy has created a raft of new job titles, all of which require expertise in writing and editing. The Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing covers all stages of the writing and publishing process, and the skills needed to meet the growing demands. During this one year full-time program, you'll develop practical knowledge and experience in writing and editing across genres including creative writing, corporate and technical documents, academic research in the creative arts, advertising and marketing.

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Additional Content:
CRICOS Code:093731F

Studiere den Master of Design (Interior Architecture)

An der University of South Australia in Adelaide kannst du den zweijährigen Master of Design (Interior Architecture) absolvieren. Während des Studiums hast du die Möglichkeit an kreativen Projekten zu arbeiten, eigene Projektvorschläge zu schreiben und zu präsentieren. Außerdem besteht die Möglichkeit, im Rahmen des Studiums ein Praktikum zu absolvieren.

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Für die Zulassung zu einem Masterstudium im Bereich Media/Communication benötigst du einen mindestens dreijährigen Bachelorabschluss (einer Universität oder Hochschule). Fast alle Programme sind nicht-konsekutiv studierbar und für fachfremde Bachelorabschlüsse offen.


Die Vertiefungsrichtungen im Fachbereich Medien und Kommunikation sind vielseitig. Je nach Berufswunsch kannst du das Masterstudium anpassen und entweder praktisch auslegen oder dich auf Forschung und Kommunikationstheorien konzentrieren. Es lohnt sich den Kurskatalog der Studiengänge genau anzuschauen, um festzustellen, ob das Studium zu deinen Interessen und deinem späteren Berufswunsch passt.

Du kannst dich in folgenden Bereichen spezialisieren:

  • Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • International Communication
  • Cross Culture Communication
  • Global Media Communication
  • Media
  • Media Practice and Industry
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Interactive Media
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Public Relations
  • Public Relations and Advertisting
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Advanced Journalism
  • Journalism and Communication


Master in Media/Communication: 1,5-2 Jahre (3-4 Semester/Trimester)

Abschluss und Karrieremöglichkeiten

Wenn du dein Masterstudium im Bereich Medien und Kommunikation absolvierst, wirst du nicht für einen speziellen Beruf ausgebildet. Du sammelst ein breites Wissen, das dir Jobs in vielen Bereichen ermöglicht.
Der Studiengang qualifiziert dich für eine Tätigkeit in folgenden Bereichen und Branchen:

  • Medien (Radio, Fernsehen, Print, Online)
  • Verlage
  • Verbände und Vereine
  • Marketingagenturen
  • PR Agenturen
  • Unternehmenskommunikation und Organisationskommunikation
  • Wirtschaftsunternehmen
  • Markt-, Meinungs- und Sozialforschungsinstitute
  • Kommunikationsberatungen
  • Unternehmensberatung
  • PR und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
  • Bildungswesen
  • Hochschulwesen
  • Forschung

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